Nothing is Impossible

Don't give up your dreams. Anything is possible, as long as you believe in it and have the courage to try. We Hengji adhere to this belief, and it became what it is today. Today, we still don't give up the dream, and still adhere to our own development goals. We will constantly introduce new high-tech products, and bring health and wealth to the human. With sustained efforts, we operate internationally.
Our dream will become true, and our goals will be achieved! Persevere, Hengji forever

Product Introduction

  • High magnetic products series

    Nowadays, water resources are seriously insufficient around the world, hower, plenty of water is wasted. Therefore, how to save water…


    Aiwalong collagen essnes is extracted from fish skin in deep sea, and it can be absorbed directly. Aiwa long collagen…


    AIWALOGN COLLAGEN SET Repare eye cream (30g) Function : Containing abundant collage essence, it takes good care of eyes every…


    Aiwalong mask It contains abundant nourishing substance, resists senescence, and facilitates skin regeneration. It makes face moist and it is…

Heng Ji International


S__2342940The advent of 21 st century brings more opportunities to Hengji Group. Advantages of the company ar that it is large scaled, it has a great variety of goods, and it is professional in magnetic autoregulation cleaners and polishes, household physical therapy instruments, and refined chemical engineering areas, Hengji Group will foster and enchance, and continue to develop new high technology environmental products. According to Thailand, the company will open up other countries in Southeast Asia, then US and European countries. It will contribute to global economic integration.

     Ti is the era of knowledge and economy, and it is the competition of talented people. Hengji Group will send far and wide to recruit men of ability, accrding to the prsent crew with knowledge of advanced technology.

     Directed by "Bring health and wealth to human," Hengji Group was established in Thailand, and will develop international market and strive to become one of 500 tops of the world. It will become a bright pearl in near future.